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Somewhere Beyond Slips on Gold Stilettos

My friend and former eurocheapo co-worker Suzanne Russo has just relaunched her blog, Somewhere Beyond, under a new name: Around the World in Gold Stilettos.

Suzanne recently returned from a jaunt in South America, where in addition to penning witty dispatches on sub-Equatorial adventures, she managed to pick up guidebook work on the fly. Not surprising. Miss Russo is one smart freakin’ cookie with an undeniable nose for travel news.

Now Suzanne is back in the New York City, where she continues to post on South America in addition to lending her insight to NYC living. Catch up on terrible travel sweaters, Alfajor addiction, and problemas des zapatos while keeping up to date on culture, play, and everything else in Gotham.

Onward, Stilettoed Scribe!

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