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I recently added some outside content I’ve published or produced online to this blog’s sidebar in case anyone is experiencing South East Asia fatigue. I think my own was brought on by watching bootlegged movies featuring NYC backdrops.

You can find some of my published writing over at eurocheapo.com. Specifically, I wrote many of the New York City hotel reviews, as well as the Cheap Eats tips. The Manhattan content may come in handy for some of you who’ve no longer got my couch to sleep on.

The Online Articles by TJ widget will whisk you off to comicreaders.com, where I wrote a feature profiling four self-publishing comic book creators called Anatomy of an Indie Operation. A Buffalo nickel goes to he (or she) who can find and respond with the nerdiest analysis from my reviews on comicreaders. My Associated Content articles include my New York Transplant Trilogy: By Bridge or Tunnel, Dog Days, and Learning to Grimace.

And for an added dose of self-promotion, here are the most read posts on 9000 Hours in Saigon since its inception:

1. Reading Geoff Dyer at the MET

2. Saigon Moto Traffic: Dodging Noodle-Bearing Ghosts and Olive-Drab Whales

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4. Things I Miss About NYC: FreeNYC.net

5. Cheap Eats: Ben Thanh After Dark

6. The first Update Saigon dispatch

7. The Cu Chi Tunnel Mantra: How Killing Fields Became a Jungle Gym

8. Cà Phê Viêt Nam

9. Taste of Nostalgia in Buffalo

10. Green Fairy Muscles Onto Cupid’s Turf

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