Vietnamese Recipes a la Thuy

goi thit bo xao - sauteed beef salad

Having recently set a date for my departure from Vietnam, I’ve been experiencing some pangs of remorse–particularly in my stomach. Anxiety over where I’m going to get my 3-times-a-week fix of bun thit nuong have begun to besiege my belly. Since Vietnamese street food is dirt cheap here in Saigon, I haven’t bothered to learn how to cook much any Vietnamese food at all.

Then while researching che for an article in AsiaLIFE’s May food issue, I found A Blog of Salt. This food blog is written by a Vietnamese-American student named Thuy who took up cooking when her mother embarked on a two-month visit to Vietnam, leaving her at the mercy of her culinarily-challenged father. Thuy has been blogging since 2008 and now has about 50 recipes posted, each with lots of photos, which should make trips to your local Asian supermarket a bit easier.

This should come in handy when I move back to the States, where it’s actually cheaper to cook your own meals.

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  1. bunz

    great find just what i needed!!

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