Rainy Days, Part Ba: Enter the Final Act

On my way home from an afternoon of food research, my stomach heavy with che, I officially entered my third rainy season in Vietnam. I knew I should have stopped by Yersin Market for a new raincoat earlier this week. It’s looking like a two-beer rain.

18,480 hours and counting. Approximately 4,500 hours to go.

That’s right, folks. After a marathon 23,000 hours in Saigon, I’ll be heading back to the homeland. On October 20, I’ll once again be a United States resident–four days after which I head to Mexico City and Oaxaca en route to my sister’s wedding in Cancun before once again clearing customs in Miami.

How do I feel? About the $360 one-way flight on China Southern to Los Angeles–freakin’ awesome. About leaving Vietnam–conflicted. Time to make the third act a good one–thankfully there wasn’t a gun in the first act.

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