I Love You Too, New York

My friend Patrick Batchelder from back in New York made my day today. Apparently he was walking along the Upper West Side when he came across this:

(For those who don’t know, I’ve been known by TJ–Thomas Jason–my whole life.)

I was just sitting around for some bia tuoi after shooting for AsiaLIFE with our old staff photographer, Christian Berg, talking about how Saigon feels right right now. There’s a sort of modern-day Left Bank situation going on here and throughout Southeast Asia and China (Christian pointed me to this article about expat artists in China). For young writers, photographers and artists Vietnam offers low rent, good quality of living and opportunity aplenty. With reports from the media job market still decidedly uninspiring, why would one leave the relative comfort of Saigon for the very real probability of unemployment Stateside (or Deutsch-side in Christian’s case).

And then I get this photo. It reminded me that the thought of returning to any city in the States other than New York seems a bit ridiculous. Yes, this poster is likely part of some advertising scheme, but I prefer to take it as evidence that New York misses me as much as I miss it.

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  1. waiting for that kind of advertising from Germany to lure me back into the country of beersteins and bretzel…. (even though i prefer doener kebab and jaegermeister…)

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