Where in the World is your Friendly Saigon Blogger?

I’ll admit that long bouts of inactivity are not unusual to 9000 Hours in Saigon. My work at AsiaLIFE HCMC keeps me on my feet seven days a week. But this time around, I have been blogging.

The editorial team at AsiaLIFE recently launched a blog at asialife.wordpress.com, where we’ve been posting supplements to our print stories, liner notes from the current and past issues’ production and cover designs, content from the cutting room floor and lots more.

We’ve also relaunched the official AsiaLIFE website at www.asialifehcmc.com. You can now download PDFs of entire issues going back to April 2008 in the Archives section. They’re large files so give it about five or ten minutes to load up. Grab a coffee, watch a few YouTube videos, or actually call someone on the telephone rather than dropping him or her a tweet/wall post/text. When you come back, you’ll have an entire issue of AsiaLIFE waiting for you.

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