The New Vietnam

In July, AsiaLIFE ran its economy issue. You can now find two of the feature stories that explore how the booming economy is producing big changes in the country on

In The Domestic Dilemma, I tried to find out whether local Vietnamese businesses could compete with the increasing number of foreign firms setting up shop to take advantage of the booming domestic market for consumer goods. Just 10 years ago, marketing was nonexistent in the country. Now local companies are scrambling to build brands as companies like Nestle and Pepsi munch away at market share.

For his part, AsiaLIFE staff writer Thomas Maresca explored how the increase in disposable income is changing Vietnam, its people and its cultural landscape in subtle ways not immediately noticeable to the average foreigner. Check out Money Changes Everything for the full story.

Update: I just realized that The Domestic Dilemma was picked up by Vietnam Business Finance News, a website that I regularly turn to as a resource on business, economics and finance in Vietnam. Cool.

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