Update Saigon: All Work and No Play…

So the trip to Cambodia seemed like the perfect opportunity to start blogging again. It was, after all, the first trip I’d taken since going to Mui Ne way back in March. However, once I got back, we ran into some staffing shortages at AsiaLIFE and I became snowed under for the next two months. With everyone gone for the holidays and no one to interview for February’s issue until after the New Year, I’ve decided to pack my bag and head north into Central Vietnam for some motorbiking.

The idea largely came from my buddy Tayne Ephraims, who chronicled his 9-day, hastily planned motorbike journey with two friends from the Central Highlands back down to Saigon in what is in my mind the best blog title of the year, The Half-Way Down. I’m going to do an abbreviated version of the trip on my own: Hue to Danang and Hoi An via the Hai Van Pass, possibly somewhere else if I have the time over the four days. I’m thinking of calling it the One-Eighth Way Down.

What else? I’ve been doing hours and hours of research into the Vietnamese automotive market for January’s Auto issue. Despite knowing little to nothing about the inner working of engines (I still claim it’s magic), I found myself strangely intrigued by the auto industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, in general. I should be handling some more articles within the realm of automotives now that I’ve got a springboard into the subject.

I’ll be looking at importing some articles from AsiaLIFE, if only to prove that I haven’t been whiling away my time with prostitutes and booze.

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