Painting with Street Children

I stopped by a painting class for disadvantaged youth and street children run by Armed with a Paintbrush to research an article I’m writing about the American nonprofit for AsiaLife HCMC. The good folks at AWAP handed me a paintbrush and let me paint with a gaggle of pre-adolescent artists:

Painting with street children

Painting with street children

Friends from back home will recognize my inspiration: Charlie, the beagle I left behind…

When the AWAP gallery opens next month on Bui Vien Street, conscious-minded art enthusiasts can swing by to purchase paintings created by local youth and to get their hands dirty doing a spot of painting. For the time being, you can peruse AWAP’s paintings currently available at its online store.


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2 responses to “Painting with Street Children

  1. l.

    you painted charlie!

  2. Jfo

    That sounds like a really neat organization!

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