Update Saigon: On the Palate

Yikes! This blog has gone bone dry as of late (I blame the Beginner 1 class I just started teaching). Here’s a quick blast to add some meat to my recently skeletal offerings.

  • Just days after I plugged the Vietnamese Vegetarian Restaurant in my Vegetarian Guide to Saigon, the joint assumed a dual identity. This Pham Ngu Lao eatery now sports two signs: Vietnamese Vegetarian Restaurant and Pizza Pasta Lasagna. The latter is meant to advertise its new meat-inclusive menu, courtesy of the new chef. In addition to an array of eponymous dishes, it also features some great meals like the cajun chicken casserole (45K VND), chicken potato paprika burger (32K VND) and pork with cream sauce and mushrooms (45K VND). However, the last two days, the new menu was unavailable at lunch time; either they’re out of ingredients or can’t cut the mustard without the new chef around.
  • Prices have shot up at Falafellim by about a 7000 VND per dish. The falafel pita that used to cost you a cool 32,000 will now set you back 39,000. On the up side, I’ve learned that chowing down on one during a bad hangover produces a sensation relative to your previous condition that I can only describe as taking a massive dose of ecstasy while riding a Unicorn through Candyland.
  • Bobby Brewers on Bui Vien has begun distributing movie leaflets again, although its all-day new movie bootleg fests haven’t yet come off suspension. Recent screenings have offered films in the 2-5-years-old range. Meet the Fockers, anyone?

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