New European Hostel Booking Website

I’m very happy to report on the official relaunch of EuropeanHostels has existed for some time as a hostel directory — since before Over There Interactive founder Tom Meyers devised the company’s flagship website — but the new EuropeanHostels features a totally rehauled search engine powered by a “top secret algorithm”, a free trip manager for members, newly pruned editor’s picks, user reviews, smart maps and revamped hostel and city guides.

Why does this relaunch tickle me so? I pitched in on the EuropeanHostels redevelopment last year and still have fond memories of editorial jam sessions over Israeli sandwiches and European and Carib candy binges (courtesy of former EC editor Alex Robertson Textor) between research and copy editing. Ah, those were the days.

But in all honesty, the brothers Meyers and their accomplices have put together a bang on way to search for cheap hostels in Europe.

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