Bobby Brewers: The Last Picture Show Has Cometh

Update: Since the time of writing, Bobby Brewers’ has begun showing *ahem* up-to-date films.

Backpackers in Saigon have been packing Bobby Brewers‘ movie theater for years, but Vietnam’s lax copyright laws have tightened and put a stranglehold on this staple of the Bui Vien lifestyle.

Alas, at least for the time being, there shall be no more bootleg movies at Bobby Brewers’ Bui Vien outpost.

Two weeks ago, Bobby Brewers retracted its ubiquitous movie flyers mid-week. Since then, the cafe’s theater has been screening stale flicks like Click, Terminator 3 and (I kid you not) Power Rangers. Gone are the recently released bootleg flicks; even the big three Southeast Asia screen gems — Good Morning Vietnam, The Killing Fields and The Quiet American — have been cut.

A call to Bobby Brewers’ home office confirmed that the company has put the kibash on its speakeasy theater for legal reasons. Unsurprising — with four new franchise locations in the works and its charitable work gaining more recognition, the company needs to put forward a more legitimate face.


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3 responses to “Bobby Brewers: The Last Picture Show Has Cometh

  1. Steve

    I think the big cinemas in HCMC had a lot to do with the lack of new movies. The MPA(Asia) is also looking into the illegal downloads and public performaces.

  2. As you stated, yes they are back in business. The couch seating and the intimate atmosphere make the Bobby Brewers movie theater a really good date spot. The coffee and drinks are a little expencive, but burgers are not bad (still its no Zoom Cafe), and the cost of it is offset by the free movie.

  3. Steve

    Bobby Brewers are now being investigated by the Motion Picture Association (Asia) for piracy. We will see what happens in the future.

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