An Israeli Falafel in Saigon

Note: Falafellim is currently closed due to a dispute with the landlord … another great eatery is in limbo thanks to the Saigon’s finicky real estate.

Falafel enthusiasts and vegetarians rejoice! Falafellim is serving up meal-sized falafel pitas here in Saigon. Located on Pham Ngu Lao just off the traffic circle at Ben Thanh Market, this small, attractive falafel bar was opened a few months ago by an Israeli ex-pat. And while most of the foreign fare you sample in Saigon disappoints, these falafel sandwiches are the real deal — packed with delicious fresh ingredients and served with authentic tahini and chili sauce. Falafellim also serves hummus, egg and salad dishes, as well as the falafel baguette (truly, an idea whose time has come).

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