Checking in on Cheapos

Now that my CELTA course is over, I’ve been catching up on the finer things in life: unread 14-page reports in Economist back issues, movies at Bobby Brewers, and the musings of former eurocheapo coworkers.

Hot on the heels of last year’s CheapoSearch launch, the brothers Meyers over at eurocheapo have released CheapoSearch Flights, a new search tool that sifts through budget airline flights, weeding out more expensive carriers. No more navigating 14 Foxfire tabs while comparing cheap flights in Europe. Also, you can now become a Cheapo friend on Facebook.

Over at Spendthrift Shoestring, Alex’s meticulous pre-departure planning for his upcoming extended stay in England is making me feel bad about my catch-the-first-bus-to-My Tho strategy, and his European cheap flights expertise seems to have evolved into air route ESP. But most importantly, it has arrived: Alex’s 2008 Eurovision picks.

Suzanne has checked into Media Bistro‘s Travel Writing Boot Camp, but has time enough to offer a culinary itinerary vis-a-vis a recap of her friend’s recent visit to NYC on Around the World in Gold Stilettos. Kudos, as well for my favorite new opening line in a blog: I think Argentina’s stalking me.

As for me, it looks like rain may wash out my biking trip in the Mekong Delta tomorrow, but I did manage to make it to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Cao Dai Holy See earlier this week. Two outa three ain’t bad.

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