Update Saigon: CELTA Sunset

I’m in the last stretch of my CELTA course, and all signs indicate I’ll be a certified ESL teacher within the week (and consequently, a more diligent blogger). In the meantime, here’s what’s happening in Saigon:

1. The Economist recently reported that Ho Chi Minh City’s stock market bubble has burst. What will this mean for intrepid ex-pat teachers banking on a pool of middle managers and miscellaneous suits in need of English instruction? Only time will tell.

2. I’m no believer in the viability of the economic stimulus package, but a sliver of that $600 sure will come in handy for a long weekend in Phnom Penh. Here’s hoping I don’t fall through some IRS loophole.

3. Sarah and I joined a caravan of kids from Thao Dan out to District 2 for a Sunday afternoon painting session at the studio of local artist and Armed with a Paintbrush instructor Binh. The kids created a large-scale mural depicting their feeling about an upcoming Vesak Buddhist festival. We’ll be heading back out this Sunday so the kids can complete their latest masterpiece. Watch for pictures and a brief dispatch.

4. A spot of graffiti near our apartment reads, “Hip Hop is a state of mine.” We’re not sure whether to chalk this up to poor phonetic awareness or simple indecisiveness. Is polka a state of the perp’s, as well?

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